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It goes on and on: Our stories of 
what happened, memories we
won’let go of, songs that
bring back pain we don’t want to remember… 
I’ve come to the conclusion 
that nothing or no one is 
capablof causing us more pain than 
our own inner dialogue. 
However, We don’t have to let it… 
When these thoughts begin to creep in,
whave the ability to become more aware of them. When we realize we don’t have to validate the presence of these thoughts, we can let them come and go. 
Though they may be fleeting, we do
have the ability to control our
thoughts with a bit of practice. 
Okay, this will take some time and effort. Believe me, and I’ve battled with them for years. It wasn’t until I started blogging that It FINALLY sunk in. But my goodness, what a lot of work it is to practice mindfulness, But if it means
having chance at a peaceful mind intertwined with happiness. I will keep trying. I got this!  You’ve got this…


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