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Yes, You read that right.

We are taught to care what others think about us from a young age. But if you really think about it now, what ANYONE thinks of you should be of NO concern to you.

Trust me, this took me many years to master. I FINALLY got the art of tuning it out.

I’m not going to lie, My A-HA moment hit After many years of feeling like shit due to comments that family members were saying about me, and after learning this it felt like chains were broken.

It all boils down to realizing that people that are hurting want to hurt other people. When they say stuff about you, it’s a reflection of themselves. So, when I tell you that whatever is being said about you is NONE of your concern, it really is NONE of your concern. Another way of saying is …It’s None of your business. You will feel free once you get this. I want to save you many years of anger, hurt, and depression.

Wanting acceptance and like is natural. But it’s not your duty to care (or know) what others think. Leave others to their own rhythm. Make sure your drum is louder and march authentically. Be yourself!

If you can follow these agreements, you will feel much happier, lighter and will not give 3 F’s what anyone thinks or says about you.


Don’t take anything said or done personally.

One amazing life trick is not to take anything personally. Don Miguel Ruiz states in his best-selling book, The Four Agreements, When someone acts deliberately irritable or harsh, it’s only a mirror of how they’re feeling at the time. Consider this: When you’re feeling good, do you ever treat people badly? I don’t think so. Give the offender a pass. It’s surprisingly easy to do and really powerful! The actions of others don’t necessarily reflect on you.


Focus on YOUR own life

You really can’t become consumed by what other people think of you if you stay away from social media or You can choose to unfollow them. What you don’t know can never be overanalyzed. So, unfollow. Delete, Delete, Delete. Take a step back. Concentrate on your own job, finances, projects, family, or physical health. All that matters and all that you have control over is YOUR OWN LIFE! 


 Just Shrug it off

Everything is energy. Everything increases more energetically the more attention we give it. Change course, if something is upsetting. Switch on the television; call a funny friend; or send that long-overdue thank-you text. You’ll be happy you did once you can put something that bothers you behind and concentrate on something pleasant.


  Tune it out 

You don’t have to wait until your old and can’t hear to tune things out. You can start practicing now and eventually become a professional Tuner-outer person. (like me) lol

Tune out anything that doesn’t serve purpose in your life.

Tune out those negative voices in your head. Tune out the negative voices around you.


Learn to just say No

Awhile back I started saying No, to outings that didn’t ignite my fire. If the invite was not somewhere I wanted to be or with People I cared for I would just say, No, I can’t attend. And It felt good. Now I only surround myself with people who genuinely love me, who are good people to me and others.

When it comes to saying yes or no, choose the answer that feels good. And you want to know something else, when you spend time doing something you don’t want to do or watching something that’s a waste of time… YOU ARE NEVER GETTING THAT TIME BACK. Time is precious!  When you learn to say no, oh, the hours you will save!


Eliminate negative thoughts and learn the power of saying No { Link to books that can help}


Thank you for your time and remember DO IT YOUR WAY TODAY and everyday of this year 2024.

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