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  1. I donate money to many charities
  2. I allow money to come into my life
  3. Money loves me, I love money
  4. I pay ALL my bills on time 
  5. Money falls into my hands with ease
  6. I always have money
  7. The Universe has more than enough money for everyone 
  8. I’m receiving money from multiple sources on a continuous basis
  9. I’m able to help my family and friends with money
  10. I’m grateful for all the money, and all the money that’s making it’s way to me
  11. Money will never leave me
  12. I appreciate money and what it does for me
  13. I want others to have money
  14. Money keeps flowing into my bank account
  15. Every day I have more and more money
  16. I have an avalanche of money
  17. I have a positive money mindset
  18. I’m making more and more money
  19. All of my thoughts produce more and more money
  20. Money loves being around me
  21. I am extremely wealthy
  22. I always have an endless supply of money
  23. There is never a shortage of money in my life
  24. Wherever I go there is an abundance
  25. I am a money magnet
  26. Money pours down on me
  27. I am blessed with more and more money
  28. Unexpected money comes to me now
  29. I give money away with ease
  30. I am grateful for all the money I have and all the money I will constantly receive

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