Welcome to My little corner of the internet, where I’m EXTREMELY relaxed and content.

My name is Wanda. I’m a chocolate and wine lover, living in New York with my (Doppelganger) Leonardo Dicaprio. Who’s a Never-ending- Comedian-doesn’t take life seriously – walking encyclopedia. I’m also a proud mother to a 30yr old Go-Getter! She’s a hard worker in her modeling passion. You may have seen her in various commercials.

This was and still is entirely self-taught. I’m happy to have started this blog journey. It’s A lot of work, but very satisfying.

A lot of research needed to be done. But, If I could do it at the age of 48 with No college. SO, CAN YOU!!


Chewie and KIKI = BFF’S


My Sweet furry rugrats who are no longer with me but will FOREVER be in my heart!



I’m EXTREMELY proud of myself!

I started this blog shortly after I lost my job. I wasn’t sure what my next journey would be. Starting a blog was not on the agenda. Picking a “NICHE” was and still is a challenge.

I have a plethora of interests, from money-making ideas, books on Self-development, ways to Style, different fashions, traveling ideas, beauty tips, products, sales (which I’m a pro at) Caring for your beloved furry critters delicious recipes, and wines, last but not least, relationships. We ALL have them. We all require them. (Lol)

Let’s share our feelings and thoughts on these topics. I will share what worked for me, and you do what works for you, YOUR way.

I’m not your typical blogger. I don’t follow the other styles of blogging, and I’m known to do things My WAY, so this won’t be a surprise to the few that know me closely.

Which is why I encourage YOU to Be passionate. Do everything with LOVE and Be Grateful !


One day I will share “DO IT YOUR WAY TODAY CHRONICLES,” everything I did trying to “Figure this out.” (🤦🏽‍♀️)

This BLOG is dedicated to YOU…



I’m here to cheer you on to “DO IT YOUR WAY TODAY.” If you decide to stay in a relationship for as long as you love someone because you can’t bear to be apart from them. Then stay with that person. That’s YOUR way, your choice. If you decide to buy the shoes, you believe you “deserve them.” BUY THEM TODAY! 

WHATEVER makes YOU happy TODAY, do it! Do whatever YOU like. Live, Love, and enjoy your life no matter what anyone says.

(I see you nodding) in agreement

So, what do you say? Let’s give each other GOOD advice and share ACCURATE information. Shall we?

Leave me your comments, I look forward to reading them.


“I’m A full-time Amazon shopper; these are my favorite finds from the past year”

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