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As we travel more than ever, these are the most embarrassing tactless behaviors you should NOT do while on a flight.


    • Ignoring the Seat Belt Rule

    When the seat belt sign is on, flight attendants emphasize the importance of obeying it, especially during unexpected turbulence, to ensure everyone’s safety. Watch out for those surprise rollercoaster moments in the sky—one minute you’re in your seat, the next you’re on a wild ride!


      • Enjoying a refreshing glass of tap water

      According to a TikTok video from flight attendant Kat Kamalani, it’s best to stick to beverages in a can or bottle. According to the video, she hilariously points out that airplane water tanks are revolting and never cleaned. It’s probably best to steer clear of tap water from the lavatories and skip the coffee or hot tea made with water from those tanks.


        • Disrespecting the Flight Crew

        Flight attendants are in control while passengers are in the air and readily available to assist in the event that something goes wrong. Passengers often forget that the flight crew is there to help them, and becoming rude or disrespectful is low-class behavior. Keep in mind that flight attendants and pilots are working hard to ensure your safety. They want you to have a comfortable flight, and treating them with kindness and respect is greatly appreciated and goes a long way.


          • Putting Shoes in the Aisle

          Who does this? If this is you… let’s keep those shoes on and avoid turning the aisle into a shoe rack. Watch out for these potential obstacles that could lead to some unexpected dance moves on the plane. Passengers should place shoes under the seat in front of them instead. With that being said, Avoid going barefoot on a plane, especially in the lavatory, unless you’re a fan of filth.


            • Attempting to Outsmart Food Trolleys

            A common mistake passengers make is trying to navigate around the heavy food trolleys during service. You and the cart do not fit. Do not decide to go to the restroom when Flight Attendants begin serving. It can be quite challenging due to time constraints and the number of people to serve. The aisle is like a tiny stage, where the crew feels like they have an unexpected audience waiting for them to perform a magic trick to let them pass.


              • Leaving a mess in the lavatory

              Attention all passengers: Please remember to tidy up after using the lavatory on the plane. Thank you! Some travelers apparently have a talent for turning bathrooms into disaster zones. Since this is my blog post, I advise passengers to clean up after themselves by wiping off the toilet seat and basin and disposing of paper towels in a trash container. Make sure always to wear shoes in the bathroom because you never know what liquids might be splashing around on the floor!

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