10 Amazing Vacation Ideas for Couples on a Budget



A friend of mine who lives in Florida wants to take a five-to-seven-day trip in May. She and her Honey don’t get to travel much, so they were having trouble coming up with interesting places to go on a budget. I went to work trying to find some ideas for their vacation. These were my findings on Traveling for Two on a budget. ūüėć

Portugal might be in your budget. Check Out TAP Air Portugal airlines. You can discover lower-priced hotels if you get out of Lisbon’s major tourist location. You can also get on public transit, which will get you around more cheaper.

What is the charm of Portugal?

You have California weather with affordable rates: lodgings, wine, and delicious food at excellent prices. The friendliness of the people will permit so many people to see this country and enable them to travel to Spain.

Lisbon, Portuguese is an exciting city with a mixture of modern, old, and many things to do. There are several cultural and historical landmarks and great beaches to kick back in.

Check out these deals.

Paris was rated one of the Safest Places to Go To in 2023.

If you take a trip before the summer months, use transit, rent rooms rather than resorts, and with all these other cost-saving ideas, you can most likely visit France.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is perfect for Americans searching for an exotic getaway without a passport. The delightful climate and spectacular scenery make Puerto Rico a fantastic candidate for wedding celebrations, honeymoons, and family trips.

Traveling to Puerto Rico is hassle-free for Americans: simple to rent a vehicle, they have a great roadway system, they utilize AT&T, and many people speak English. So you can easily book the flights, and several Airbnbs, rent an auto and explore the island for $1500/person.


$5000 total amount on 2 weeks in Europe. Stay at a lovely Airbnb location, do touristy things, consume great food, etc. So with a budget, you could do a lot in a week there.

Research the cost of every little thing and make a rough travel plan for a particular trip.

Take a Cruise
You can get a seven-day for $1,800 (or less if you select an inside cabin). It permits you to go a couple of places and see which one you intend to check out for a more extended stay later on.

One of the benefits of going on a cruise from the USA is that you can drive to the port or fly there. Do not forget to inspect your passport if your cruise heads to ports outside the USA.

There are loads of ports over the coastal United States, from Florida to Maryland, New York City, and South Carolina.

Costa Rica
Eight days in Costa Rica in September for $2500, so you might make your budget plan work!

An excursion could include zip lining, the hanging bridges at Selvetura, and a detour at Rio Celeste from La Fortuna. Paquera isn’t very touristy. Have you ever tried bioluminescent kayaking?

Tango Mar is a beach resort-beautiful and also soothing.

There are lots of low-cost, short, connecting flights from South Florida. I have not been, yet it’s undoubtedly on my Bucket List of locations to visit. Medellin is a beautiful city in Columbia.

The Carolinas’ food, customs, inland towns, and even hills, there’s an extensive range of points to do in Costa Del Sol, Spain, besides taking in the sunlight on their 100 miles of coastlines.

A much less popular recommendation was the Carolinas. South or North Carolina? They are close to Florida and have extraordinary views and also hills.

No wonder Myrtle Beach has long been a go-to destination for me. I just learned you could drive to its 60 miles of coastlines and other world-renowned tourist attractions.

An additional is those family getaways that are also a golfing capital; Myrtle Beach has more than 90 golf courses and 50 mini-golf training courses to ensure you can play a round regardless of your age well ability level.

Where Will You Go First?


The friendly agreement

If you found value in this article, can you do me a favor and share it? It takes you 10 seconds, and this post took me hours to put together.




This is MY personal List of what I wish I knew. My personal opinion. Sharing it my way with you so you can reflect and in hopes it can help someone. Anyone!

Do it now. Do it wrong. Then do it again. Better

  1. It’s important to know people. Network! If you want to go further in your life/career, you need mentors and advocates. The sooner you start building a network of people who can support and help you, the better.

The difference between the two is “A mentor can be a friend, a coworker, or a therapist who helps you figure out what you need to do to be more successful in your life/career. An Advocate is someone who will make things happen for you.

2. Exercise. Eat right. Stop drinking already. Health comes first. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t enjoy anything else, like your job, money, or family. Get your annual physical done. So many of us procrastinate with the most important thing OUR health.

3. There will be a real connection with that special someone. Give it time; wait for it. Don’t settle for less than you deserve. It’s worth the effort. Sometimes we waste our time with someone who doesn’t deserve us. Taking them on as a project. Waiting for them to love back and after it’s all said and done.. they weren’t meant to be. STOP WASTING VALUABLE time with people who don’t deserve you or your time.

4. In this world, there are sharks. Be aware of the sharks who want to take advantage of your kindness and innocence. Be Kind but strong. Balance is important. Have you come across these types I call leeches? The ones you go out with, and before you know it, they stick you with most of the bill. I can go on and on about these types, but I’m not. Just BEWARE of those! These types are EVERYWHERE!

5. Everyone has their own destiny. Some people get rich and famous a lot faster than others. If something you want hasn’t happened for you yet, don’t stop getting ready for when it is. Getting ready ahead of time helps a lot. I realized and learned about multiple income streams at 48yrs old. To think my daughter, at 20-something, was already trying to educate me on it. I wouldn’t listen. I was content with working for someone else, and now I eat, sleep, and poop, thinking about MY OWN business and MY GENERATING MULTIPLE STREAMS of income.¬† I know it will happen and it can happen for you. Just DON’T GIVE UP! STAY THE COURSE!

6. Not all of your friends are important. Some people only exist to take advantage of your fears and make you feel bad about yourself. Get close to people who want the best for you. Don’t be afraid to cut ties with people who don’t want you to do well. My mother was able to pinpoint these so-called friends. I wouldn’t listen. If someone tells you so and so is not a good friend believe them. Just Fade away and don’t look back.

7. Don’t worry that you might screw up. Failure is a beautiful thing. When you fail, you are doing things that are outside of your comfort zone and in your stretch zone. Always work at the edge of your comfort zone. This is how you’ll get better. When I first started this blog … So many mistakes and so many issues didn’t know what the heck I was doing. I would cry cause I couldn’t figure certain things out. The moment I would silence my mind, answers would come to me. My boyfriend (My personal encourager) would tell me, “You’ll get it, don’t stop.” I honestly think it’s his belief in me that keeps me trying. I used to be a quitter, and now I feel there’s no stop in me.

8. And on that note…Spend more and more time with the people you care about. We think we have endless time, but we don’t. We don’t think that this day ..Today can be our last. Spending more time means phones away. Give them your undivided attention. Listen to what’s on their hearts.

9. Learn how to put your money to good use. Most bank accounts are nothing more than places to store money. Saving doesn’t make anyone rich. Investing is how people get rich. Also, it’s never too early to start saving for retirement while you’re at it. The earlier you start saving and investing, the better your future can be. Can you imagine being able to retire at the age of 40? No, financial worry. Still young enough to travel or spend time doing the things that make your heart smile. Again, this is why my #1 on this list is so important!

10. It doesn’t help to feel hurt about things that have already happened. If you learn from them, you can avoid making the most of them again, so don’t dwell on the past. This one took me many years to learn. Several self-help books later, I still wasn’t getting it. Trust me. I know this one is easier said than done. But in reality, ask yourself what do you get from holding on to mistakes and pain others have caused, dwelling on a yesterday that will never come again. I know some hurts are hard to let go of. But this is where again, My # 1 comes in. Surround yourself with good people. Get professional help if you can. Take it day by day. Before you know it, the hurt has subsided, and your heart feels lighter.

11. Learn how and when to say “No.” Saying “No” does not imply being selfish. Being a yes person or a people-pleaser can be exhausting or frustrating. If you think about it, Is it really worth trying to make everyone happy while you are miserable?¬† Do you really want to help or want people to like you? Being overly nice makes it easy for people to take advantage of you. If you genuinely feel happy, then by all means, say ‘Yes”. But if you know deep down inside that Afterwards you are miserable as F*$#, then saying “NO” is the way to go.

12. Every person is the main character in their own story. People are too busy thinking about themselves and worrying about what other people think of them to pay much attention to anyone else. That’s good news, because it means that people don’t worry about you as much as you do. They have the same fears as you do.

13. Confidence is the key to almost everything, and you can learn how to get it. Going on dates, making business connections, feeling good about yourself, and so much more. It will get you what you want in life and give you an edge over everyone else.

14. There is a big distinction between authentic friends and people you hang out with because it’s convenient. The first kind is hard to find, but if you can find at least one or two, it will be well worth your time. When you do make real friends, try as hard as you can to keep in touch, because it’s easy to lose touch and let things go.

15. Lower your expectations is the key to living a joyful life. Expect too much and you’re bound to be disappointed on a daily basis. This does not mean lower all of them nor does it mean lower them to an impossibly low standard. You should still maintain expectations but limit them or keep yourself in check to make sure you don’t expect too much.

My last was from a fortune cookie years ago. I kept it and taped it on my CPU because for some reason I forget and have to read it over and over again.

“He who expects NO gratitude shall NEVER be disappointed.”

How true this is. We help others that never acknowledge your help and we feel hurt by it. I know I felt this way for many years. Until those words from that fortune cookie FINALLY sunk in.

Thank you for your time. Feel free to add What you wish you knew at any age. See you on my next post. ūüėČ




In this blog post I share a few easy “REMOTE” jobs that won’t require experience. I¬† work remotely and it has been a blessing in disguise. I hope this helps someone looking for a remote job.

This page contains AFFILIATE LINKS. If you choose to purchase after clicking on a link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you! ūüôŹ

Become a Proofreader

Many firms hire freelance proofreaders to ensure their copy is tidy and READY to publish.

This side hustle pays you to find mistakes, all you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and great grammar skills.”

If you want to become a Proofreader I have attached my AFF link below.




By doing a few offers, you become a “premium tester,” which gives you access to even better-paid offers and the chance to make more money.

testerup · Earn money as an online tester

Do Transcription Gigs

This side hustle requires no experience. You can check out TranscribeMe, and also GoTranscript.

All you require are terrific listening and typing skills. Some tools like oTranscribe will assist with recording, or you can even use the Google Docs voice interface.


Become a Search Engine Critic

One of the best things about this flexible side job is that you can work whenever and from anywhere it’s convenient for you, as long as you finish your hours by the end of each work week. You do all of your work online. This makes it a great job for people who want to make extra money or stay at home with their kids.

Try this job site FlexJobs: Best Remote Jobs, Work from Home Jobs, Online Jobs & More

Teach a Language Online

You could teach English online as a side job if you have experience as a teacher, or even if you don’t.

There are thousands of families around the world looking for native English speakers to teach their children English. There are sites that can help you find work, but most of them require at least a little teaching experience. But there are a few that will almost certainly hire almost anyone who wants the job.

Try this job site Job Search, Career Advice & Hiring Resources | iHireSecondaryTeachers

Lease Personal STUFF

Rent out the extra things you have around your house to make some extra cash.

You might have things worth more than $5,000 lying around your house right now. These include things like power tools, fishing gear, lawnmowers, and camping gear. There are a few online  lending systems that makes this an easy process. 

Here a few I found


Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized and also have a firm understanding of Microsoft Office, you can execute a self-employed office job from home and also get paid promptly. Since COVID this job has significantly increased the need for digital assistant services.

Try this website Find a Job | CareerBuilder

You can read all about becoming a virtual assistant here “Interested in Becoming a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT”¬†

Create and Offer Style Templates

This can be a profitable side job for those who are attractively gifted.

Produce templates for files, web sites and also graphics, and then offer those themes to business like Canva. They’re regularly searching for new designs and all¬†

you need is a computer.

Sign up to one of MY personal favorites CANVA. 


Teach Others how to Cook

If you have skills in the kitchen area, consider sharing these kitchen secrets with others.

Many have joined Tik Tok, youtube, Instagram to share their recipes and ideas. I highly suggest if you don’t mind sharing then loading up a video on social media platforms are the way to go.¬†

Lease Rooms or Areas in your home 

You can rent out parts of your own home for many different reasons without having to find a new place to live. Photographers and film crews will pay by the hour to rent your home and will also pay at the end of the day. For dinner parties and other events, you can also rent out unused storage space, parking spots, and common areas.

Try the following


Produce and Offer Informational Products

If you know a lot about something that people want to know about, they may be willing to pay you for it.

Think about making something that teaches someone how to do something useful.

This could be anything from an e-book to a full-fledged online program.




How do you know if you are dealing with anxiety? I will share how I was able to identify this horrible feeling and how I counteract it whenever it came to me.

First, I want to express that I truly hope you get through it, and if you need to, please reach out about it to someone, don’t deal with it alone. By all means, Get help professional help if you don’t have anyone to talk to.

                                           You are NOT alone!

We feel it when we least expect it. The chest gets tight, and your heart is pounding profusely as if it would want to jump out of your chest. You can’t think. A trembling, nervousness and worry just takes over you. It’s an awful feeling that you think you can’t control.

I will share what works in this post and what you can try. What affirmations you can start repeating to yourself. You can choose one or do all. This is about what works for you! Do it YOUR way!

  1. Take Charge of Your Breathing¬† (Show your breathing who’s Boss). YOU are the BOSS!

Take control. Start to breathe slowly; count if you must. Tell your inner self that everything will be alright! Wrong breathing habits are usually connected to extreme stress and anxiety symptoms. Poor breathing habits are common, and they contribute to anxiety and the majority of the most distressing signs and symptoms. Try to inhale through your nose for like ¬†5 to 7 seconds; slowly, don’t rush it. Hold this breathing tactic for 3 to 4 seconds.
This really helps, and try to repeat it at least 10 to 20 times. This kind of breathing will help you avoid hyperventilating (a common problem among those who struggle with stress and anxiety) and re-establish the carbon dioxide equilibrium in your body, which can cause some of the most severe anxiety symptoms.

     2. Find out what relaxes you.
There are things in your life that already help you relax. You might find it helpful to develop a list of things you enjoy that help you relax so that you can refer to them when stress and anxiety symptoms arise. When you notice your stress and anxiety levels rising, turn to those activities before the anxiety gets too severe. For instance, if you discover that a relaxing bath relaxes you, don’t delay; draw a bath, light some candles or add a couple of beautiful scents. Drinking certain teas can be very relaxing.

So, Whether it’s a bath, a shower, or collecting rocks in a park (I ENJOY collecting rocks). Or getting a massage. If it works, do it! Don’t let your anxiety overpower you. You are in control! Show it who’s boss! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR BODY!

I have added a few things you may consider to ease the anxiety. 

Affiliate Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in the following sections. Clicking and signing up through these links will give me a small fee to keep this blog running, which is at NO cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I use, love, trust, or thoroughly research. Please see my full disclosure here.

  3. Aromatherapy and Vital Oils are two types of essential oils.
Essential oils, which are the essence of plants, have been used for thousands of years to treat a number of issues, including anxiety. Essential oils stimulate particular parts of the brain and release feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin. They have been discovered to ease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and sadness and improve mood and sleep.

Anxiety Ring

4. The following essential oils are excellent for dealing with anxiety:


5. Learn How to Control these anxiety Thoughts
Anxiety does not appear out of anywhere. Anxiety creeps up depending on your thoughts. Anxiety occurs when your mind spirals into unpleasant ideas, typically without your knowledge or consent. You can sometimes manage your anxiety by ignoring these thoughts and learning to ignore anxiety-inducing triggers. This helps if you can try it in conjunction with the breathing exercises I mentioned at the beginning of this post.


Yes, repeating specific affirmations can help. At first, if you’re not into affirmations, you may think or feel they are ridiculous or don’t work. But honestly, what do you have to lose if you gave it a try? What will it cost you? You… My Sweet reader, you have nothing to lose, and it will NOT cost you a thing! I will list a few that have helped me in many moments of feeling anxious.

  • Everything will be OK!
  • I will get through this!¬†
  • Like everything else, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

If you need more affirmations for anxiety, please visit This blog post. (Click here, and it will take you there)

I hope this post helps anyone and everyone who reads it. I wish you Peace, Harmony, and joy! 

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