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Our minds shape our reality. Here are some affirmations to help you achieve a stress-free life.


1. I have Abilities and Security

2. Anxiety does not fix my problems.

3. Some issues exist solely in my mind.

4. I have the inner strength to face whatever life throws at me.

5. I am capable of handling any potential issues.

6. I am always safe and secure.

7. I entrust my life, my family, and the outcome of my efforts to God’s (the Universe’s) wise and just judgment.

8. Life offers me just what I need at any given time to be happy, fulfill my life’s mission, and grow spiritually.

9. I am intelligent and capable of achieving my goals.

10. I continue to nurture My Self-Worth.

11. My self-worth is based on who I am, not what others think or how much I achieve.

12. The outcome of my efforts is dependent on various factors, including my own.

13. My self-worth is unaffected by external things such as IQ or income; my home; my children’s success; being beautiful to the opposite sex; making friends; or “spiritual” pursuits.

14. I deserve love and respect even when I am not perfect and make errors.

15. My self-worth is unaffected by whether people agree with me or not.

16. My self-worth is unaffected by how others treat me.

17. My self-worth is unaffected by how hard others work, or what others think of me.

18. My divine essence determines my self-worth, not my gender, religion, or social position.

19. I am a worthy person.

20. I radiate Peace and Love.

21. I respect and adore everyone (particularly my parents and family) without feeling obligated to live up to their ideals. I live in accordance with my own values.

22. I am solely responsible for my own motives and actions towards others.

23. No one else creates my world. I am solely accountable for my feelings and experiences.

24. I am responsible for the quality of my efforts and not for the results or their impact on others.

25. I, like all humans, deserve love and respect.

26. I comprehend each person’s anxieties.

27. I am free to be me at any time.

28. No one can restrict my freedom unless I ask for it.

29. True freedom is free of fears, needs, and erroneous beliefs.

30. True freedom is the power to do what is best for me as a soul evolving.

31. The freedom to feel peace, love, and happiness regardless of what happens or how people behave.

32. I am strong and resilient.

33. I choose to focus on self-care.

34. I’m doing my very best.

35. I will not focus on things I cannot control.

36. I love myself.

37. I inhale good energy and release bad energy.

38. I will be okay.

39. I cultivate inner calmness.

40. I am patient.

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