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Do you know someone who only cares about themselves? It could be a friend, a family member, someone you like, Or maybe it’s you.



Have noticed that they talk a lot about themselves and ALL the things they’ve done. When they walk into a room, they look around to see who is looking at them. They just want someone, anyone, to pay attention to them.

They are attention-seeking. It doesn’t matter who gives it to them.

Or maybe you like someone who seems to have a lot of charm. The only problem is that whenever you try to talk to them about your life and your situation, the conversation always turns back to them. You want someone to talk to, but they are so wrapped up in themselves that they can’t even think about how you feel.

Being around these types of people for a long period of time with these huge egos can be very tiring. They are always looking for praise and want to be the center of attention.

These humans require a lot of energy, And If you are like me, This is why you feel so exhausted after spending time with them. They’re too caught up in themselves to actually take their minds off themselves.

They don’t pay much attention to anyone else.

The reason is these individuals don’t care about other people; all they want is praise because it gives them a sense of self-worth. It’s sad to say that what they do makes you feel like you don’t matter.

Some people don’t notice these things at first, but after a while, they’re not as interesting or fun to be around as they used to be. Some experts even say that the self-absorbed person is becoming a narcissist, which is a path you don’t want to go down because it only leads to pain and heartache.




Do you think the person you’re with is too self-centered? Are you looking for signs? Do they have a lot of confidence and a high sense of self-worth, or are they a narcissist? Here are some of the most common things a self-centered person does.

1- Relationships are One way

When the selfish person needs help, they will expect you to drop what you’re doing and run to them. Don’t expect the same in return, though. They want people to help them when everything is going wrong, but they won’t have time to help you when you need it.



Imagine that you just were fired from your job, and you have no idea how you’re going to support yourself financially going forward. It is reasonable for you to anticipate that your friend/significant other will show sympathy in light of the circumstances. But to your utter consternation, they don’t even appear to care about it.

They disregard your grief and shift the conversation back to themselves. They assume everything will halt when they have a problem. But they care nothing about you or your troubles. It’s a miracle if you saw any signs of sympathy from them.

3 – Can lie easily

A self-centered person must be more attractive and influential than others. Therefore, this person is willing to lie to give the impression that they are amazing. They will embellish their job titles, their social circle, and their financial status.

4 – Selective Inner Circle

Remember that selfish people are masters of manipulation. They decide who to be friends with based on what that person can do for them. They will choose people who are on their way up (SUCCESSFUL) or could help them get where they want to be.

They carefully choose each person in their inner circle that can help them advance their goals. They may not even like you, but they are interested in what you can offer them. If you notice these characteristics, you must RUN FOR THE HILLS!!


5 – Extremely Judgmental 

This person generally is very judgemental and has a lot of strong opinions, and can’t even open their mind long enough to see things from someone else’s perspective. They will try to force their values and views on you because they think that’s the only way to look at the situation.

They don’t care what other people think or feel because only their views matter.


 6 – Experts at Gaslighting

If this person gets a whiff that you are onto their games or have detected their lies, they will not hesitate to turn the tables on you. Their egos do not permit them to be imperfect, so if you attempt to call them out on their lie, they will flip it back to you.

Being in a relationship with this person may be pure misery. They can twist facts and convince you of things you know are false. Gaslighting is harmful, and it can have major consequences for your mental health.


7 – Lots of rules to follow

People who are self-centered will often give you a lot of rules to follow. They are very picky about where they shop, where they eat, and who they hang out with.

They are controlling, and They want to take over your life, and when you comply with their demands, they feel better about themselves.

8 -They keep Family a secret

The fact that they won’t talk to you about their family is one peculiar trait you may observe about this individual. They may have known you for months or even years, yet they will not mention their family at all.

When the family is avoided, it’s usually because of strains in that relationship.  Even if they might not have any surviving relatives, there’s the likelihood that they don’t get along with their family due to the way they behave. When an individual doesn’t let you meet at least one member of their family, it’s usually a red flag.

9 –Everything is a Very Important Matter

Everything in the self-centered person’s world is an enormous ordeal. Even having a bad day is reason enough to throw back some drinks later that night. They flourish/thrive on drama, and if none is present, they will fabricate it to attract attention.

10 – ALWAYS Interrupting

This individual is an awful listener, and they will cut other people off when they are speaking. They have this mentality that what they have to say is far more significant than what the other person has to say. Therefore, they will interrupt others in order to insert their thoughts.








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Yes, You read that right. We are taught to care what others think about us from a young age. But if you really think about it now, what ANYONE thinks of you should be of NO concern to you. Trust me, this took me many years to master. I FINALLY got the art of tuning it...

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