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Everyone wishes they could go back in time and change 10 things.

Regrets in life are usually the result of actions or inaction—something we wish we had done or didn’t do. Some regrets are minor, while others are significant enough to haunt us for the rest of our lives. But we can learn from our mistakes and make a point of doing things differently next time. Here are some of the most common and significant regrets people have in life, from which we can learn. I know I have. 


One of the most common regrets of older people is that they spend too much time worrying. If They could take back all the time they wasted worrying about their future, if they could live their lives over again. We waste time worrying about things that don’t play out the way we think they will. Oh, how much time I wasted worrying and stressing over things, and Whenever I get the urge, I remind myself of how everything worked out to my benefit somehow.


It’s a common regret not to have done what you wanted to do or follow your dreams in life. People often follow the path their parents and society tell them to follow. The result of this is getting into a lot of student debt and end up working in a job that you don’t like. I regret not pursuing many of my dreams. But that stops TODAY!


Life moves by too quickly—time flies. When we finally figure it out, it’s often too late to make up for lost time. We wish we had spent more time with our kids, family, or friends. It can be hard to feel bad when your loved ones grow up, move away, or pass away. This one can be tricky only because we are living in a time where everyone is glued to their phones. Be present when spending time with loved ones. Put your phone away, help them cook, there are so many ways to spend more time. 


Another thing people regret in life is working too much. Our jobs are important, but many of us put work above everything else. But too much work is bad for our mental health. And it also takes a toll on our relationships, which is not good. Many times, it can be hard to find a good work-life balance. But at the end of the day, you and your family also matter. I am guilty of this, and now I make a conscious effort to stop what I’m doing and focus on a phone conversation. Listen to what my partner is saying. 


It’s common for people to lose touch with their friends as they get older. They may have moved away, married, or simply been too involved with their own lives to make plans. Over time, reaching out can become more difficult. Later in life, when we wish we could see our friends again, this loss of friendship might become a major regret. I moved several times and I regret not staying in contact with certain people, especially people from High School in N.Y. and Puerto Rico.


You may believe you could have done more to save the relationship after a break-up or divorce. Perhaps you were complacent and allowed minor issues to pile up. Or perhaps you didn’t make a strong enough case for your partner to stay. Whatever the case may be, regret can last a lifetime and make it difficult to move on in new relationships. This can be applied towards a friendship or an intimate relationship. 


Many of us allow life’s stressors to rule us. We don’t take the time to unwind and enjoy ourselves. We don’t relax and have fun. Instead, we treat life as if it were a grave matter. But life isn’t all serious, so grin, laugh, joke, and be joyful. Laughing is more enjoyable than always being serious. In addition, life is too short to be wasted on a frown. 


Busy lives keep us at home. We postponed our travel plan. Life is still too busy to make plans for next year. And life gets busier. The best way to enjoy life and make memories is to travel. So, if the occasion occurs, take that family or friend vacation. If you don’t go, you’ll regret it.


If someone hurt you, it can be hard to forgive them. If you don’t forgive them, it can be even more difficult to live with the guilt of not forgiving them If they say they’re sorry, try not to hold on to bitterness. Before it’s too late, makeup with that friend or family member.  What’s the point of ignoring them for the rest of your life because of something that no longer matters? Unless they’re toxic, then I suggest staying away. Forgive in your heart, release it and move on. 


Many people do not consider their health unless there is an issue. And, in certain cases, that difficulty indicates that it is too late. So, don’t wait until you have a problem to take care of your health—both physical and mental health. If it’s too late, you might feel a great sense of regret.

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