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In this blog post I share a few easy “REMOTE” jobs that won’t require experience. I¬† work remotely and it has been a blessing in disguise. I hope this helps someone looking for a remote job.

This page contains AFFILIATE LINKS. If you choose to purchase after clicking on a link, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you! ūüôŹ

Become a Proofreader

Many firms hire freelance proofreaders to ensure their copy is tidy and READY to publish.

This side hustle pays you to find mistakes, all you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and great grammar skills.”

If you want to become a Proofreader I have attached my AFF link below.




By doing a few offers, you become a “premium tester,” which gives you access to even better-paid offers and the chance to make more money.

testerup · Earn money as an online tester

Do Transcription Gigs

This side hustle requires no experience. You can check out TranscribeMe, and also GoTranscript.

All you require are terrific listening and typing skills. Some tools like oTranscribe will assist with recording, or you can even use the Google Docs voice interface.


Become a Search Engine Critic

One of the best things about this flexible side job is that you can work whenever and from anywhere it’s convenient for you, as long as you finish your hours by the end of each work week. You do all of your work online. This makes it a great job for people who want to make extra money or stay at home with their kids.

Try this job site FlexJobs: Best Remote Jobs, Work from Home Jobs, Online Jobs & More

Teach a Language Online

You could teach English online as a side job if you have experience as a teacher, or even if you don’t.

There are thousands of families around the world looking for native English speakers to teach their children English. There are sites that can help you find work, but most of them require at least a little teaching experience. But there are a few that will almost certainly hire almost anyone who wants the job.

Try this job site Job Search, Career Advice & Hiring Resources | iHireSecondaryTeachers

Lease Personal STUFF

Rent out the extra things you have around your house to make some extra cash.

You might have things worth more than $5,000 lying around your house right now. These include things like power tools, fishing gear, lawnmowers, and camping gear. There are a few online  lending systems that makes this an easy process. 

Here a few I found


Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized and also have a firm understanding of Microsoft Office, you can execute a self-employed office job from home and also get paid promptly. Since COVID this job has significantly increased the need for digital assistant services.

Try this website Find a Job | CareerBuilder

You can read all about becoming a virtual assistant here “Interested in Becoming a VIRTUAL ASSISTANT”¬†

Create and Offer Style Templates

This can be a profitable side job for those who are attractively gifted.

Produce templates for files, web sites and also graphics, and then offer those themes to business like Canva. They’re regularly searching for new designs and all¬†

you need is a computer.

Sign up to one of MY personal favorites CANVA. 


Teach Others how to Cook

If you have skills in the kitchen area, consider sharing these kitchen secrets with others.

Many have joined Tik Tok, youtube, Instagram to share their recipes and ideas. I highly suggest if you don’t mind sharing then loading up a video on social media platforms are the way to go.¬†

Lease Rooms or Areas in your home 

You can rent out parts of your own home for many different reasons without having to find a new place to live. Photographers and film crews will pay by the hour to rent your home and will also pay at the end of the day. For dinner parties and other events, you can also rent out unused storage space, parking spots, and common areas.

Try the following


Produce and Offer Informational Products

If you know a lot about something that people want to know about, they may be willing to pay you for it.

Think about making something that teaches someone how to do something useful.

This could be anything from an e-book to a full-fledged online program.





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