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Have you ever thought you could be grateful for something you ask for before it arrives?

I believe in the power of gratitude and releasing it daily to the universe.


These are a few of MY daily gratitude thoughts; you can choose whichever resonates with you. Some of these have already manifested in my life, and for that, I am FOREVER grateful.


Thank you for the Love of GOD

Thank you for the divine connection

Thank you for my excellent health

Thank you for the loving, comical partner in my life

Thank you for the prosperity chasing me down

Thank you for the beautiful friendships that are in my life

Thank you for the love surrounding me

Thank you for the abundance all around me

Thank you for the wealth that loves me


Thank you for healing with my name on it

Thank you for the explosive blessings that are running after me

Thank you for the influence looking to track me down

Thank you for my drama-free life

Thank you for not letting me engage in every conflict

Thank you for the fantastic people I will meet

Thank you for the gifts, talent, and potential



Thank you for the air I breathe

Thank you for the food I eat daily

Thank you for the delicious coffee and the people who worked hard to get it to me

Thank you for the beautiful clothes in my closet

Thank you for the creativity

Thank you for the multiple streams of income

Thank you for teaching me continuous ideas on self-love

Thank you for the ability to love people who are hard to love

Thank you for my beautiful beach house

Thank you for my sweet, loving pets

Thank you for working remotely

Thank you for the ability to quiet my mind from negative thoughts

Thank you for the ability to heal

Thank you for my self-awareness

Thank you for being able to travel this beautiful world

Thank you for the money in my savings account

Thank you for the endless list of things to be thankful for…

Thank you for this flowing creativity

Thank you for the flowing increase in prosperity



You can begin a Gratitude journal. They are great to look back on and see what has manifested.

I will include some of my favorites. Gratitude Journals

What I wish for myself, I wish for YOU!


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