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Did you know when you love yourself FIRST, you attract more love? When you exude confidence and joy, you will attract others who share your enthusiasm for life. This positive energy can improve the quality of your relationships, it can actually enhance the quality of your life. The cycle is evident – like a boomerang effect, and it all begins with falling in love with yourself first.

Loving ourselves first in a healthy way… and you may ask… But where does my self-love originate? Where do we begin with this Healthy LOVE FOR ONESELF? I’m going to share How I did it and what I did. 

I began by taking a closer look at myself, at my life, and the quality of the relationships past and present. This journey began more than 15 years ago. It hasn’t been easy. I had to REALLY be completely honest with myself about A lot of things. 

I had to learn how to fall in love with myself FIRST. It was critical for my happiness, so I could experience relationship success, and how I interacted with the rest of the world. Reading on the law of attraction, which states that what you put out into the world is returned tenfold. When you love yourself, you will naturally spread that love out into the world, improving the quality of your life and the lives of others. I made a mixture of my Beliefs with a higher power, law of attraction, and just overall changing my energy and how I viewed life. 

I started by treating myself well.
A simple act of self-love can be tough to do because we are told how to look, live, and even feel every day.

But the first thing to do is let ourselves be human.

I Began by Changing how I talk to MYSELF.
Our Beliefs have the power to make US and or break US down. The way we talk to ourselves affects how we feel and act. Negative inner thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy when you think about them. It’s OK to set high standards for ourselves and feel bad from time to time, but we must try not to get stuck in a cycle of negativity. Keep an eye out for when you start talking negatively about yourself and change your words into something better for you—practice mindfulness. 

It’s all about how you move, breathe, and stand that affects how you feel inside. If we don’t feel confident, we have to change how we move. When you bend your spine, throw your shoulders back. Raise your head. Smile. Standing with your head up and your arms in a “V” shape or crossed behind your head, do a “power pose.” The way you do these things sends a message to your brain that you’re proud and confident. When you feel that way, it’s effortless to fall in love with yourself, too.

The best way to deal with situations is to adapt.

Even if you use self-love techniques, there will always be problems and trials that you have to deal with. Then, when you are in a new situation that is more difficult, you might be thrown off again. In this case, your ability to adapt comes in very handy. Like most, I have come across many unfortunate situations. But adapting helped me tremendously get through it. 
It’s not anyone else but yourself that you hurt the most if you don’t learn how to be more flexible. The key is to focus only on the things that you can change, not the things that you can’t. Anything that you can’t control should either be accepted or dealt with. Keep moving forward and try to change your situation to your liking. If that doesn’t work out, try to learn to accept and choose peace instead.

I would ask myself is it really worth it to try to get what I can’t have? Is it worth it to try to get something that is out of MY control? The answer seemed to help me with adapting to the situation. 

I also began to Meditate. Pray.
As part of our physical state, the way we breathe is something we can change. But meditation is also a way to think about things differently. Another way to get what we want is to use chants; I’m constantly chanting, “Something good is going to happen to me”.

I begin to imagine vivid images of something good happening to me; I think of what I want; I repeat it with enthusiasm and faith. “I am deserving of ALL wonderfulness the world has to give” These are just a few. In this Blog Post, I share my Manifestations /Affirmations that help me tremendously. I hope it can help you too. 

Try it, say it with a smile and a confident posture; it can go a long way to making self love happen in your own life. You can also practice visualizing your goals.

Supportive people how great are they… Keep these types of humans in your circle, please. They are much needed, and they are healthy for you and your journey to LOVE ONESELF. 

Surround yourself with people who care about you and think the best of you. Keep your relationships healthy and supportive by following the basic rules of love. Distance yourself from any relationships that aren’t supportive and caring. Relationships that bring you down. That talk bad about you behind your back. We won’t fall in love with ourselves if we are surrounded by these toxic individuals. Once you let that go, keep it far away from your life. You’ll see that your whole life will improve.

We can’t forget who we are when we get into relationships.

We’ve all heard that we need to love ourselves before we can truly love someone else. In relationships, if you don’t love yourself first, you’ll be more likely to get lost in them. You might become someone your partner wants you to be instead of being who you are. You might not be able to set boundaries or become very needy and always want to be with your partner. This may feel good at first, but in the long run, you’ll drive most of your partners away. The first part of knowing how to love yourself in a relationship is figuring out what you need and having the confidence to go at it alone once in a while. You will experience that you and your partner will only get closer after trying this. 

Take on a mindset of abundance.
When you show gratitude and have an abundance mindset in everything you do, that will naturally make you fall in love with yourself, too. Stop reading too much into the bad things that happen. A bad date might make you think, “I’ll never find love.” Think about how much love you already have from friends and family and how many fun dates you’ve had. Think about the good, not the bad.

In this Blog post, I wrote a Gratitude list

I Learned to be alone. So necessary. So refreshing.
When we take the time to relax and recharge, we learn how to fall in love with ourselves. If our brain is always on like a hamster running on a wheel, our body can’t keep up with our high-stress level. Self-reflection can make us feel better about ourselves and help us learn from our mistakes, so it’s a good idea to practice enjoying being alone.  I learned not to use my phone for hours at a time. Disconnecting helped me find a deeper part of myself. And when I would enter my zone of relaxation, My mind would clear up: It’s about giving our brain a break, it helps us become more creative and productive. I read it also helps have a sharper memory. I can’t vouch for this because I forget everything from one room to the next. Lol

Trying Self-care.

People think that self-care and self-love are the same things, but they aren’t. But They do go together. So if A person who loves themselves treats themselves well both emotionally and physically, why would you want to live in a stressed state of mind or not do the things you enjoy. The more you practice self-care, like eating well and exercising, treating yourself to a massage whenever you can is very beneficial. There are MANY forms of self-care. I’m just throwing out a few of my GO-TO. 

I would actually feel my brain and body thanking me after I went for a facial, massage, or pedicure. It helped me to be able to think positively.

I noticed a difference with Loving myself and by building a life that I enjoy and surrounding myself only with people who love me. Learn how to love yourself in a relationship to have healthy, long-term relationships with other people. You deserve to be happy.

This one I’m still working on, but as I type away and share more and more what has worked for me I kind of feel like I am discovering MY PURPOSE!

Discovering our mission is the ultimate approach to mastering the art of self-love. Purpose provides us with a sense to want to wake up each morning and connect with something greater than ourselves. However, purpose rarely extends its hand and knocks on our door. People who know their purpose are to be greatly admired. So To discover your mission, you must be completely honest with yourself. What excites you the most in your life? What provides you happiness? Once you’ve found significance in your life, you’ll begin to see the larger picture – and will cease to criticize the minor details. I’m going to include some books I read that helped me tremendously. But you are more than welcome to share any books you have read that helped you.

My blog contain affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links, I may possibly make a small commission.  


Learn to have fun.
Stress and negativity are bad for self-love and your health. Some things can make you feel tired and alone, and they won’t leave you any space in your life to learn how to love yourself. Take the time to make happy habits and do things you enjoy. In the kitchen, while cooking put on some of your favorite music and dance. Get lost in a good movie or book. Laugh. I laugh a lot. I remember many moons ago a guy I was dating asked me why I laugh so much. I started to think something was wrong with me. Then soon came to realize laughing was who I am. I enjoy it, I find humor in my mistakes and it helped me not be so hard on myself.

Getting out of your head might make you fall in love with the new, spontaneous you.


How to live is giving. Giving back is the most important thing you can do in life, and it also helps you fall in love with yourself: When you know what you want to do, you’ll be more confident and stop looking for outside approval. You know that you are valuable because you have gifts to share with the world. It’s easier to love yourself when you believe you are here for a reason. Find your reason for being and start a fire of self-love inside of you, and others will be drawn to the flames.

Last but not least, Do what you excel at.
Remember that you have a unique set of skills and abilities. Do you play a musical instrument, can write great short stories, or do you cultivate the greatest vegetable garden? Our self-esteem is bolstered, and we learn to fall in love with ourselves through recognizing our abilities via doing something we excel at. It’s even better when we share them with others. Many people enjoy our talents, and we can get a lot of support from them.

Self-discipline is the key.
To avoid stagnation in our lives, we must constantly challenge ourselves to learn new things. I learned how to start this blog. This was a huge challenge. But I did it, and I love it. It’s essential to step outside our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. Let’s Pick up a new skill, like programming or learning a new language. Let’s learn how to speak in front of a group of people. If we are willing to do the work, we can discover a whole new level of strength, resilience, and capability that we didn’t know we had. When WE genuinely fall in love with ourselves…

                                                                            WE CAN DO ANYTHING!



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