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Doing a Spring cleaning to your relationship interactions can provide a spiritual lift. 

I am not a Feng Shui expert. I don’t even know how to say it. My passion is sustaining happiness and learning how to transform toxic relationships into positive ones. Beginning with the relationship we have with ourselves. So, I will consider it Feng shui. No one said it’s only for homes.

Positive energy flows are necessary for happy relationships, just as they are for a well-functioning in-house or office. Expressions of passion, curiosity, gratitude, admiration, and affection create positive energies that lead to happiness. Happiness is sullied by the presence of negative energy. Feng shui, as far as I can tell, gives methods for maintaining a home’s positive energy while reducing the amount of negative energy.

Make a point of clearing the negative energy from your life and focusing on the good with everyone you come into contact with, including your family, friends, spouse, children, and seniors.

Saturating relationships with negativity makes those around you depressed, irritated, they are more likely to keep their distance from you. Spreading lousy energy is a recipe for disaster. On the contrary, being safe and appealing can be achieved by stimulating the positive energy flow in your interactions.

# 1: Disorganization: “Get Rid of the Stuff Taking Up Space. Get Rid of Anything and Everything in Your House That You Don’t Enjoy Having There.”

Clutter on a desk at work is no different from the clutter in a home. But what defines clutter in a relationship? A few small words can cause a lot of trouble. We have to practice self-awareness.

Whenever you use language that criticizes or accuses the person with whom you are conversing, it’s you.

#2. Having good quality air and good quality light is the key to a happy life.

A breathing room is essential for healthy partnerships. When working with coworkers, establishing clear divisions of labor creates limits and separations between your responsibilities and those of your coworkers. When you work for a boss, you have the freedom to make many of your own decisions. Allowing time and space for each of you to have your own viewpoints and activities is critical when it comes to lovers and spouses.

*With kids, beware of hovering over-protectively or advising them too much about what they should do. A child requires time and space to be creative, hear their inner drummer, and learn from their failures. I learned this with my 30 yr old. 

Good relationships thrive in the presence of positivity. Agreement, appreciation, shared laughter, attention to one another, praise, and affection are necessary.

Do you pay enough attention to the tone of your voice, or do you dismiss evident signs of irritability? Any manner of “I’m right; you’re wrong” sends a message of “I’m OK; you’re not OK,” Disappointment comes in many forms, such as boredom, irritation, sarcasm, scorn, and fury.

When it comes to distributing negative energy, telling others what to do ranks right up there with the tone of voice and criticism. To be the captain of your own ship, don’t press the “Don’t control me!” button too early in the game.

Occasionally feeling anxious can serve as a warning sign that something is wrong and needs your attention; however, feeling worried regularly may indicate cognitive tendencies you should alter.

# 3 Tone: “Always Keep in Mind the Feel of Your Home.”

It’s OK to make requests as long as they are genuine inquiries. There is no such thing as demands, even in the form of subliminal statements like “I need you to…” or “I want you to…” Generally, requests begin with “How do you feel about…?” or “Could you… please?

Criticizing others is a sure method to transmit negative energy. Criticism, primarily when delivered in an annoyed tone of voice, sends the message that “you’re not OK.” 

The bottom line is that you can Feng Shui your relationships in these simple ways.

1. Organize your thoughts by being on the lookout for small words that can cause significant problems.

2. Give each other lots of room and the pleasant energy you exude so that they may breathe and light can reach them.

Instead of instructing others what to do, describe the problem and let them figure out how to fix it.

3. Mind your tone: Avoid arguing by deleting negative energy from your tone of voice, avoiding criticism, and shifting from telling others what to do to describing the problem and letting them figure out what to do about it.

So there you have it! Better health and happier life are the results of solid interpersonal connections.



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