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Please, don’t choose me if you’re deciding between another woman and me.

I don’t want to be in a relationship with you after this, and I don’t even want to be friends with you.

I’m not trying to be cruel; I’m simply presenting the facts.

Please do me a favor and allow me to locate the man of my dreams because he’ll know I’m the right one for him without a doubt.

My time and energy are limited, and I’m not interested in wasting them trying to persuade you that I’m worth keeping, nor am I interested in being the backup plan for someone who doesn’t understand my value.

I’m saying this with no ill will. To be really honest, I’m not ideal for you, and that’s why you can’t see how I’m perfect.

When it comes to choosing between her and me, you don’t have to know which one of us you desire more or which one is best for you.

The rom-com industry thrives on stories like yours, in which two people find themselves in a love triangle.

Additionally, you may be madly in love with two people at the same moment. This shit happens more often than not.

I understand; we’re not all born with monogamous hearts.

And If that’s the case, you’ll have to decide how you want to deal with it, and that’s okay; it’s all part of the journey.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to fit into that particular scenario.


I won’t ever let myself be the second choice.

In the event that we’re at this crossroads, our relationship is doomed even if you select me.

My goal is to be out of the picture as soon as you begin to question whether you made the right decision and unconsciously compare me to the one you didn’t choose.

As a result, I do not want to be in a relationship where I am always concerned that I am not meeting your expectations and that you are considering leaving.

You’ve already lost me, no matter which one of us you choose to keep.

Let me go with the utmost grace and humility.

As a fellow human being, I deserve to know that you’re having trouble making a decision.

I’m entitled to know what’s going on here and what I’m getting myself into with you.

As long as you’re in a healthy relationship, you have to lay your cards on the table and allow me to make my own decisions about this situation on my own terms.

If you can’t take care of my best interests, I should be able to make my own decisions.

So, please have the decency to give me a chance at real happiness with someone else. In which I won’t have to worry about him telling me he’s in love with someone else.  If you can’t find it in yourself to give up control of this situation and tell me the truth, FLIP IT.

Picture this situation happening to you.

The truth of the matter is … I will be alright!

(A letter I wrote and never sent many moons ago) lol

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Here I’m sharing some of my many self-love journey books. I hope my sharing truly helps someone understand the importance of loving yourself in a healthy non-judgemental way. 

Smile…GOD loves you!



Yes, You read that right. We are taught to care what others think about us from a young age. But if you really think about it now, what ANYONE thinks of you should be of NO concern to you. Trust me, this took me many years to master. I FINALLY got the art of tuning it...

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