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When I gaze up at the sun, I understand that it shines on all living things equally.
It shines on the good, the evil, the ill, the lonely, and the elderly. It glows brightly at weddings. It shines brightly at funerals. It shined on 9/11.
The sun just simply is!

Is it possible for us to simply “BE”? And, more significantly, let others simply “BE.”
It’s so easy to point the finger. To blame and be blamed. To pass judgment, and be judged. To regard as strange or unacceptably weird.
It’s less typical to presume that everything has a purpose and that we don’t know all of them. However, we frequently have no idea.
None whatsoever- of what might actually be going on in their life.

In this age of social media wrath and hatred, an increasing number of people are opting out. Checking out on being humanitarian.
Instead of taking a neutral approach and adopting the “Live and let Live” philosophy.
I don’t agree with a lot of things I see online and what’s going on in this world. And, yeah, I am irritable at times. But then I reflect, and I ask myself Who is my anger actually hurting?
Anger, gossip, resentment, hate, and judgment don’t make us feel good about ourselves if they become our standard behavior.

It consumes us and renders us unable to empathize or understand. Even the ability to feel empathy for one’s own shortcomings.
We give others power over us, by the more we blame them for perceived or actual misdeeds against us.

Years ago, I dealt with some issues, and for several years afterwards, I found myself reliving those moments over and over again.
I kept feeding the resentment. Giving these individuals power over my thoughts. Living rent-free in my head.
Today, I’m making a diligent effort to maintain a healthy perspective on life.
It’s easier for me now to say to myself, “I’m a good person, with a good heart and with good intentions. They don’t have a clue, who I am! (Self-love)

When someone is rude, harsh, or just plain mean…
It may be possible they had a terrible day. It’s possible they’d received some bad news and weren’t feeling well as a result.
Who knows, I sure don’t. But it does work when you take the focus of yourself.
Being neutral also has the additional benefit of opening our hearts to forgiveness.
Now let’s not get it confused, Walking like the dead is not what it means to be neutral. Allowing toxic in your life is by no means allowing peace in your heart.
But by Not taking everything personally, not taking it all too seriously. Does help.
Rather than getting sucked into the turmoil, we should just “observe” it.
Because reflection, acceptance, and joy all need space. We need to find this space in our hearts and minds.
Let us aspire to resemble the sun more closely.



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