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How do you know if you are dealing with anxiety? I will share how I was able to identify this horrible feeling and how I counteract it whenever it came to me.

First, I want to express that I truly hope you get through it, and if you need to, please reach out about it to someone, don’t deal with it alone. By all means, Get help professional help if you don’t have anyone to talk to.

                                           You are NOT alone!

We feel it when we least expect it. The chest gets tight, and your heart is pounding profusely as if it would want to jump out of your chest. You can’t think. A trembling, nervousness and worry just takes over you. It’s an awful feeling that you think you can’t control.

I will share what works in this post and what you can try. What affirmations you can start repeating to yourself. You can choose one or do all. This is about what works for you! Do it YOUR way!

  1. Take Charge of Your Breathing  (Show your breathing who’s Boss). YOU are the BOSS!

Take control. Start to breathe slowly; count if you must. Tell your inner self that everything will be alright! Wrong breathing habits are usually connected to extreme stress and anxiety symptoms. Poor breathing habits are common, and they contribute to anxiety and the majority of the most distressing signs and symptoms. Try to inhale through your nose for like  5 to 7 seconds; slowly, don’t rush it. Hold this breathing tactic for 3 to 4 seconds.
This really helps, and try to repeat it at least 10 to 20 times. This kind of breathing will help you avoid hyperventilating (a common problem among those who struggle with stress and anxiety) and re-establish the carbon dioxide equilibrium in your body, which can cause some of the most severe anxiety symptoms.

     2. Find out what relaxes you.
There are things in your life that already help you relax. You might find it helpful to develop a list of things you enjoy that help you relax so that you can refer to them when stress and anxiety symptoms arise. When you notice your stress and anxiety levels rising, turn to those activities before the anxiety gets too severe. For instance, if you discover that a relaxing bath relaxes you, don’t delay; draw a bath, light some candles or add a couple of beautiful scents. Drinking certain teas can be very relaxing.

So, Whether it’s a bath, a shower, or collecting rocks in a park (I ENJOY collecting rocks). Or getting a massage. If it works, do it! Don’t let your anxiety overpower you. You are in control! Show it who’s boss! YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF YOUR BODY!

I have added a few things you may consider to ease the anxiety. 

Affiliate Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in the following sections. Clicking and signing up through these links will give me a small fee to keep this blog running, which is at NO cost to you. I only recommend products and services that I use, love, trust, or thoroughly research. Please see my full disclosure here.

  3. Aromatherapy and Vital Oils are two types of essential oils.
Essential oils, which are the essence of plants, have been used for thousands of years to treat a number of issues, including anxiety. Essential oils stimulate particular parts of the brain and release feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin. They have been discovered to ease symptoms of anxiety, stress, and sadness and improve mood and sleep.

Anxiety Ring

4. The following essential oils are excellent for dealing with anxiety:


5. Learn How to Control these anxiety Thoughts
Anxiety does not appear out of anywhere. Anxiety creeps up depending on your thoughts. Anxiety occurs when your mind spirals into unpleasant ideas, typically without your knowledge or consent. You can sometimes manage your anxiety by ignoring these thoughts and learning to ignore anxiety-inducing triggers. This helps if you can try it in conjunction with the breathing exercises I mentioned at the beginning of this post.


Yes, repeating specific affirmations can help. At first, if you’re not into affirmations, you may think or feel they are ridiculous or don’t work. But honestly, what do you have to lose if you gave it a try? What will it cost you? You… My Sweet reader, you have nothing to lose, and it will NOT cost you a thing! I will list a few that have helped me in many moments of feeling anxious.

  • Everything will be OK!
  • I will get through this! 
  • Like everything else, THIS TOO SHALL PASS!

If you need more affirmations for anxiety, please visit This blog post. (Click here, and it will take you there)

I hope this post helps anyone and everyone who reads it. I wish you Peace, Harmony, and joy! 



Yes, You read that right. We are taught to care what others think about us from a young age. But if you really think about it now, what ANYONE thinks of you should be of NO concern to you. Trust me, this took me many years to master. I FINALLY got the art of tuning it...

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