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My dreams provide me with a lot of strength and freedom.

Everything seems feasible, and I am limitless when my

imagination soars.

My best life begins in the realm of visions. I boldly imagine what I wish to see manifest. In my mind’s eye, I see myself fulfilled in work, refreshed in play, and joyous in love.

So much more than mere fantasy, my dreams inform my mind of my heart’s deepest desires. Thoughts and feelings are even more potent when combined with confidence in the power of God manifesting in my life.

As I take action to create the life of my dreams, I also relax and rely on faith to light my path and show me the way.



  Have you ever thought you could be grateful for something you ask for before it arrives? I believe in the power of gratitude and releasing it daily to the universe.   These are a few of MY daily gratitude thoughts; you can choose whichever resonates with...

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