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Sometimes, life gets so busy that you must remember to care for yourself. Even though you should take care of the people you love, you should also put your physical and mental health first. Because going to the salon and gym all the time does add up. 

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to take care of yourself. You can treat yourself without spending any money at all.

Allow me to suggest a few ideas.

Let’s get physical and begin with …

Have sex!
There’s no need to explain this one.


Drink Coffee or Tea
Coffee, how I love thee. It’s hard to think of anything more enjoyable than sipping on some delicious coffee. Made YOUR way, of course. Make your favorite drink at home for a lot less money.


Enjoy a Good read
A good book can take you away from your problems and make you forget about them. You can read in peace while curled up on the couch, or you can put on headphones and listen to an audible or podcast while you walk or stretch.


Move your body
You don’t have to go to the gym for an hour to get the perks of working out. Take a break and move around. During your lunch break, take a short walk, watch a short yoga video on YouTube, or play your favorite music and stretch for 15 minutes.


MY Favorite… Cell phone detox
The gadgets in our lives are always trying to get our attention. Social media, emails, and all the beeps, rings, and messages that happen all the time can make it seem like you can’t get a moment of peace.
For a while, try stepping away from the internet world. Have a day or weekend without electronics, or set an alarm for an hour every night when you have to disconnect.


Get a Hobby or make one up 
You should set aside time every day or week to do something you enjoy. What would you do if you didn’t have anything to do? Come up with some ideas, and then do them!


I recently went away to Cancun, and I did my own Pedi. Never have I ever done my own Pedi before going on vacation. I gotta admit It actually felt good not having to pay $50 plus to get my feet and mani done. I was able to use that money for our trip.
Idea: Take out your iPad or put it in front of your favorite TV show and do your own nails and/or feet. Having nice nails is the best way for a woman to feel like she has her life together.


Take a Nappity Nap, Nap
Since I hit my 50s, I’m falling asleep everywhere with no shame. Set aside an hour to relax and sleep without feeling bad about it. Not an hour? Don’t worry—a quick cat nap can be even better sometimes!


Relaxing bath or Shower
I realized One of the best ways to relax is to take a Niiice loooong shower or bath. Not your typical 20-minute shower I’m talking about Put out some candles, Listen to an audiobook or YouTube video, and pour yourself a glass of wine or your favorite juice.


Tidy up your Sanctuary
I don’t know about you, but I LOVE it when my home is clean and smells good. I feel like I’m on Top of the World. Yes, the feeling is that serious. (lol)
Tidying up the space you call home, the place you love, is another important way to take care of yourself. It goes without saying that redecorating isn’t usually “affordable,” but you wouldn’t believe how much different your space feels after cleaning or just making a few small changes. Move things around or from one room to another. To make your room feel new and fresh, change the things that are on your shelf and get a new plant.


Another DIY…Facial
A good Facial can take away stress for weeks. Get out your best lotions and other skin care items to treat your skin. You can find out how to give yourself a lymphatic massage on YouTube if you have extra time.


Window Shop
Whoever knows me Knows I’m addicted to window shopping. I also incorporated INTERNET Window shopping.. hehe
But You might find it relaxing going out and window shopping without a plan or being in a hurry. Window Shopping probably has never been something you’ve ever thought of as fun, but it actually is. Try it…or not! But if you do, Get your favorite drink and maybe your friend, and then go to your favorite store to take it easy and just look around.


If your mind wanders too much, like mine does, you could try guided meditation, in which someone leads you through the process while background music plays soothing sounds.
Meditation is a great way to take care of yourself for free. There is peace inside you that can help you handle anything the day may bring if you take some time to be alone with your thoughts.


Get out of the house
Outside, connect with nature! You can take your pet out for a walk, Nowadays you will see people walking their cats, bearded dragons, etc. Get out go hiking or just lie out in the sun (don’t forget SPF and a hat, of course). Getting some fresh air is great for your body and mind.

Cook at home
Visit the grocery store and get everything you need to make your favorite meal. One of the best things you can give yourself is healthy, whole foods that keep your body going.


Write down some of those DEEP thoughts
Set aside some time every day to write in a journal. You can write down some affirmations for the day or your thoughts on how your day went. You will enjoy going back to this after 6 months or so. Trust me on this one. It will not only help you deal with stress better, but it will also make you very aware of all the good things in your life and give you a fresh look at things.



Hide (I have been doing this one since quarantine 2020)
Just getting away for a few minutes can help when the day gets too much. But what if you can’t? If you really need to recharge, all you have to do is hide. Stay home and shut off your phone. I know not everyone can do this one, but hey, if you can, why not? Try visiting a peaceful spot and take as much time as you need to calm down or as long as your busy life lets you. Take some quiet time, quiet your mind.




Throw out some stuff (aka, declutter)
Yes, this is work. But having a lot of stuff around can make you feel overwhelmed all the time. My BF calls me a Packrat. So, taking the time to clean up and organize my space really helps me feel less stressed!


Get in touch with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
I only call 5 people in total yearly, so it feels like a treat when I Call a friend I haven’t talked to in a long time.
It could be just the talk you need, and it’s a great way to treat yourself.

Find free events in your city by looking at the calendar.

A lot of the time, events in your area like museum nights, festivals, and classes are free. For these freebies, all you have to do is keep an eye out for them or set up a local Google alert. They will then be sent right to your email.


Making money moves
You might think this treat doesn’t belong on a list of frugal ways to treat yourself, but hear me out about not buying things to make yourself happy. Instead, It’s about moving money from your checking account to your savings account by hand once a month to save for future plans. I’m planning a trip to Africa. So saving makes sense to me.
Having a savings plan for emergencies, trust me, your future self will be glad you did. However, you Do it YOUR way, whichever way YOU can—treat yourself and save money Now so that you can have more of what you want in life later on.

Free lesson in make-up at the mall.

Go to the mall and look for brands that offer free sessions if you’re like me and don’t know how to put on makeup. You might pick up some useful information.


I hope you found this list useful, and if you have other non-spending ways to give Self-love, PLEASE do share!

That’s what this Blog is all about.
Sharing Really is caring, and it’s FREEEEE!!!!



Yes, You read that right. We are taught to care what others think about us from a young age. But if you really think about it now, what ANYONE thinks of you should be of NO concern to you. Trust me, this took me many years to master. I FINALLY got the art of tuning it...

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